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Management and textile productions

Professional Undergraduate Degree in Management and Textile Productions

Major in clothing, Fashion and Textile

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Objectives | Admission | Careers | Organisation of studies | Teacher mentoring / professional internship | Contacts and registrations

The Degree aims at training people with a good expertise on the sector’s tools and an insight on flow management, cost control, quality expertise and Human Resources.
Technical objective

The course must:
•provide students with knowledge relevant to the textile sector (materials, treatments, technologies), with a thorough insight on non-clothing textiles (furniture, textiles for technical use),
•provide students with a global overview of the profession (organisation within the company, sector-specific strategies),
•take into consideration new constraints related to the international situation (logistics, team work, quality assurance, IT tools, Internet)

table of contents

Initial training
To qualify for admission to the professional Undergraduate Degree, students must be:
-graduates of 2 years of higher education
-students from 2nd year of Undergraduate Degree in English, Law, Economic and Social Administration, from a University Technological Degree in Mechanical and Automation Engineering (GMP), Logistics and transportation management (GLT), Chemistry, Material Engineering, Marketing techniques (TC), Business and Administration Management (GEA), etc.;
-advanced vocational training (BTS) graduates: maintenance, flexible materials industry, manufacturing, design, etc.

The applicants’ selection counts two phases:
•Selection on application
•Interview with a jury
Continuing training
Employees with a level III degree and a two-year long professional experience in the textile industry can apply.
Other cases will be reviewed within the framework of the validation of knowledge acquired procedure.
If the validation committee approves the request, the candidate can apply and the admission conditions will be the initial training ones.

table of contents

Designer of textile products, production monitoring manager, quality assurance manager, logistics, product manager's assistant, project manager, technical sales representative, production unit manager, technical consultant.

All sectors using textile: clothing, medical, transportation, agriculture, furniture, etc.
All organisations might demand such profiles: textile industry, retailing and distribution industry, import and export companies, trade associations, administrations, etc.

table of contents

Organisation of studies
The professional Undergraduate Degree is on one year, split into 2 semesters, each worth 30 ECTS credits, the whole Undergraduate Degree being worth 60 credits. The student attends an average of 25 hours of class per week and completes a 12 to 16 week internship.

Three adaptation modules are planned early in the training to balance students’ professional and university backgrounds.
Each student attends 1, 2 or 3 adaptation modules of 28 hours each or is exempted should the educational board decide it.

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Teacher mentoring / professional internship
Mentored team project: 110 hours
A 16 week internship if in France, a 25 week internship if abroad, a 30 week internship for employees in qualification contract.

table of contents

Contacts and registrations
IUT de Troyes
9 rue de Québec
BP 396
10026 Troyes Cedex
In charge: Thierry PLUMEY
Front desk: 03 25 42 46 25
Email: s.chenu@iut-troyes.univ-reims.fr
Application available for withdrawal on the IUT website: