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Materials and New Technologies

Specialty in Materials and New Technologies

Science, Technologies, Health Sectors

Specialty in Physics and Engineer’s Sciences

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Organisation of the specialty in Physics and Engineer’s Sciences
Organisation of the specialty in Science of Materials and New Technologies

Programme of the 1st year of Master’s Degree in Science of Material and new technologies

Specialties in 2nd year of Master’s Degree:
- Computer-Aided Engineering and Production - P
- Plastics processing - P
- Metallurgy processes and simulation - P

Acquired skills:
- Knowledge of metal and plastic materials
- Knowledge of production means
- Expertise in performance improvement concepts and tools
- Expertise in computer-aided design and manufacturing concepts, templates and software
- Expertise in templated and software for real size simulation and forming
- Overview of design-manufacturing processes and related digital tools
- Expertise in communication and management techniques for data and knowledge

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In first year of Master's Degree (M1): admission by right for graduates of an Undergraduate Degree in Materials, Mechanics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Automation, etc. Appointment request to register in July or September on www.univ-reims.fr.

In second year of Master’s Degree (M2): admission on application for graduates from the first year of Master’s Degree.

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- project manager
- industrialisation methods manager
- manufacturing or production manager
- laboratory manager
- quality manager
- expert in computer-aided design and manufacturing
- expert in simulation
- knowledge database manager, cognition specialist
- new technologies intelligence monitoring
- innovation manager
- network architect

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Organisation of studies
The Master’s Degree is split into two years of two semesters each. Each semester is worth 30 ECTS credits, the full Master’s Degree is hence worth 120 credits.

The specialty in Material Sciences and New Technologies is composed of the following specialties:
- plastics processing
- metallurgy processes and simulation
- computer-aided engineering and productio

table of contents

Internship in industrial environment in the 10th semester.

table of contents

Contacts and registrations
IFTS, 7 Bd Jean Delautre
08000 Charleville Mézières
Phone: 03 24 59 64 89
Fax: 03 24 37 89 90
Email: patrice.billaudel@univ-reims.fr

IFTS, 7 Bd Jean Delautre
08000, Charleville Mézières
Phone: 03 24 59 64 72
Fax: 03 24 37 89 90
Email: cecile.trussardi@univ-reims.fr