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Professional Undergraduate Degree in Mechatronics

Science, Technologies, Health Sector

Specialty in Electricity - Electronics

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The Undergraduate Degree aims at training level II intermediate executives in the fields of Mechanics, Electronics, Automation, Computing who are trained to management, communication methods and project management. Graduates are men and women of action who are rapidly operational in studies departments to design and develop automated systems, integration of servo systems, teams of specialists’ management; in production to conceive machines, to finalise and optimise processes; in production management to control processes and flow management; in maintenance for the installations tracking and maintenance; in post sale service for clients' technical follow-up.

The Degree should enable technicians to have a global approach towards a system, using various techniques while taking into consideration economic and management implications.

table of contents

Initial training
graduates with a University Technological Degree and advanced vocational diplomas (BTS) in industrial fields, 2nd year of Undergraduate Degree, scientific and technical universities studies diploma (DEUST) with adaptation modules, Undergraduate Degree in redirection, foreign students with a diploma equivalent to a University Technological Degree, BTS or with 120 ECTS credits obtained in technical disciplines.

It might welcome audience from an apprenticeship programme within the framework of a partnership with the regional Industrial Professionalizing Training Organisation (AFPI).

Continuing training
It is for technicians with one of the above-mentioned diplomas. It is also for technicians who do not have such diploma but whose professional experience led to an equivalent level via the validation of knowledge acquired by experience system (in compliance with the regulations in force).

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(level II) current and future positions, according to the National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) classification: industrial project manager, process/method manager, designer in a consultancy firm, Chargé d’affaires, Industrialisation project manager, special machines, production manager, product manager’s assistant, planner, etc.

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Organisation of studies
The professional Undergraduate Degree is organised on a single year, split into two semesters, each worth 30 ECTS credits, the full professional Undergraduate Degree is worth 60 credits. The student attends an average of 25 hours of class per week and carries out a 12 to 16 week internship.

The one year Undergraduate Degree is split into two semesters from September to August:
3 weeks for organisation and adaptation
23 weeks dedicated to classes (FA)
2 weeks dedicated to projects (1/2 day per week during 18 weeks)
2 weeks for the internship to "discover a company"
a 12 week internship at the end of the Degree

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Teacher mentoring / professional internship
A 20 week mentored project and a 14 week internship in a company

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Contacts and registrations
In charge: William KUTYLA
Front desk: 03 25 42 46 12
Applications available for withdrawal on the IUT website: