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Civil Engineering and Building

Professional Undergraduate Degree in Civil Engineering and Building

Science, Technologies, Health Sectors

Specialty in Civil Engineering and Building

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To meet the housing needs in France (shortage of 500,000 accommodations), French council housing companies need new expert in building work projects.
The professional Undergraduate Degree aims at providing building technicians with training to become associates for operation in social real estate. The Degree approaches building law and management, quality, security, the development of more diversified offers, access to property, commitment in cost cutting local housing policies and in sustainable development.
Companies from the sector commit to welcome students via a professionalization contract (paid contracts).
By the end of the Degree, the objective is for graduates to enter French council housing companies.

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- graduates from a University Technological Degree and advanced vocational diplomas (BTS) in Civil Engineering and Building
- life-long learning students for whom juries approved the validation of knowledge acquired by experience request modules,
- students from other initial trainings for whom juries granted the modules.

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French council housing companies run a housing stock of 4.2 million accommodations (among which 138,000 are in the Champagne Ardenne area), build 70,000 accommodations per year (more than 1,800 in the region), build out areas discharged by territorial collectivities and take action on land settlement and town planning for public authorities.
In the coming years, they will need associates of real estate operations that have developed new skills, particularly as part of sustainable development policies, when it comes to building or renovation programmes.

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Teacher mentoring / professional internship
A 24 week internship in a company during the second semester, as part of a professionalization contract.

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Contacts and registrations
9, rue de Québec
10026 TROYES Cedex
Phone: 03 25 42 46 46
Fax. 03 25 42 71 16
In charge: Olivier CHERAIN
Email: olivier.cherain@univ-reims.fr
Front desk: 03 25 42 71 50