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Creation/Management of Building & Public/Civil Engineering Cos

Professional Undergraduate Degree in Creation and Management of Construction and Civil Engineering Companies

Science, Technologies, Health Sector

Specialty in Civil Engineering and Construction

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Description from the university Institute of Technology (IUT)

The Undergraduate Degree aims at training Civil Engineering and Construction technicians in Civil Engineering and Construction Economics, Management of Civil Engineering and Construction Small and Medium-sized companies, construction law, quality, working areas environmental management and security. These skills will enable graduates to successfully integrate Civil Engineering and Construction Small and Medium-sized companies and to evolve towards positions as works project managers, chargés d’affaires, company buyer associates.

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-graduates from a University Technological Degree and advanced vocational diplomas (BTS) in Civil Engineering and Building,
- life-long learning students for whom juries approved the validation of knowledge acquired by experience request modules,
- students from other initial trainings for whom juries granted the modules.

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The targeted current and future careers belong to the production technical and professional field:
- non executive works foremen, civil engineering, supervisor,
- quantity surveyor and technicians in civil engineering and construction,
- building works areas and civil engineering executives,
- executives in studies, methods, controls in construction and public works,
- construction and civil engineering technical sales executives.

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Organisation of studies
The professional Undergraduate Degree is organised on a single year, split into two semesters, each worth 30 ECTS credits, the full professional Undergraduate Degree is worth 60 credits. The student attends an average of 25 hours of class per week and carries out a 12 to 16 week internship.

The Degree counts 5 equally important Teaching Units and a 120 hour mentored project, along with a 16 week internship in a company.
Two options: - price study,
- company creation and management.

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Teacher mentoring / professional internship
A 16 week internship in a company to apply the course and the training additional elements provided by the company mentor.

table of contents

Contacts and registrations
Rue des Crayères
B.P 1035