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Production and Maintenance Engineering

Professional Undergraduate Degree in Production and Maintenance Engineering

Science, Technologies, Health Sector

Specialty in Management of Industrial Production

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Description from the university Institute of Technology (IUT)

The Undergraduate Degree aims at training executives able to handle management positions, and skilled in industrial production system’s organisation, management, maintenance and development.

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The admission is first on application and then on interview. Can qualify for admission:

- graduates from a University Technological Degree and advanced vocational diplomas (BTS) in industrial sector and graduates from an Undergraduate Degree in a relevant sector,
- foreign students with a University Technological Degree equivalent diploma,
- students from preparatory class to Grandes Ecoles after the validation committee gave a favourable opinion,
- any technician in continuing training, who graduated in one of the above-mentioned diplomas and who has been working in a sector related to the specialty for at least two years,
- any technician in continuing training, without the requested diploma but who developed an equivalent level through his/her career and so recognises the committee in charge of validation of knowledge acquired by experience.

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Executives with functions of organisation and management of industrial processes, maintenance management, new products industrialisation, industrial improvement, production monitoring, industrial projects leading, etc.

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Organisation of studies
The professional Undergraduate Degree is organised on a single year, split into two semesters, each worth 30 ECTS credits, the full professional Undergraduate Degree is worth 60 credits. The student attends an average of 25 hours of class per week and carries out a 12 to 16 week internship.

It counts 22 weeks of classes (420 hours) and project (150 hours) and a 16 week internship in a company. The main Teaching Units are:

- Teaching Unit 1: Project leading,
- Teaching Unit 2: General training,
- Teaching Unit 3: Production engineering,
- Teaching Unit 4: Maintenance engineering.
- Teaching Unit 5: Project
- Teaching Unit 6: Internshi

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Teacher mentoring / professional internship
It is a 16 week internship that takes place in a company from March to June.

It must be close to the courses taught during the Undergraduate Degree and to the previous two years, particularly related to:
- maintenance and maintenance tools,
- industrial production,
- methodology, quality and security,
- production and projects management,
- manufacturing analysis and control.

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Contacts and registrations
Service Scolarité
Rue des Crayères
BP 1035
Phone: or 30.71
Email: scol.iut-reims@univ-reims.fr