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Packaging Creation and Design

Professional Undergraduate Degree in Packaging Design

Science, Technologies, Health Sector

Specialty in Industrial Production

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Description from the University Institute of Technology (IUT)

The Undergraduate Degree aims at training "Packaging designers" able to conceive packaging from the first graphic drafts until the pre-industrial phase, whichever the sector (food industry, cosmetic industry, industrial chemistry, pharmaceuticals, car industry, aeronautics, etc.)

They will develop expertise in:
creative aspects (design, CAO, DAO, graphic arts)
technical aspects (packaging specifics, materials, food security, recycling, regulations, laws, etc.),
industrial aspects (creation of virtual and concrete scale models, prototypes, preproduction approval).

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The Undergraduate Degree is accessible to:
- Graduates from a two-year higher education Degree, University Technological Degree, first four semesters of an Undergraduate Degree validated, advanced vocational diploma (BTS), scientific and technical universities studies diploma (DEUST) as well as people who can obtain an equivalence on validation of knowledge acquired by experience.
- Selection on application and interview

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Graduates will integrate R&D teams to design new packagings that meet all the product’s requirements (industrialisation, aesthetics, security, recycling, client satisfaction, etc.).
They will also be intermediates between the production department, the quality department, cardboard makers, printers, etc.

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Organisation of studies
The professional Undergraduate Degree is organised on a single year, split into two semesters, each worth 30 ECTS credits, the full professional Undergraduate Degree is worth 60 credits. The student attends an average of 25 hours of class per week and carries out a 12 to 16 week internship.

Classes are split between September and February (30 hours per week on average) before a three month minimum internship in a company.
Content: 5 Teaching Units (UE)

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Teacher mentoring / professional internship
Anthony OBJOIS

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Contacts and registrations
Application on the IUT website http://www.uni-reims.fr/UFR/IUT
before June 20th, 2005 (1st session)
before September 20th, 2005 (2nd session)

Service Scolarité
Rue des Crayères
B.P. 1035
Phone: 03 26 91 30 71
Departement CGE