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Cooperation agreements

About forty cooperation agreements have been concluded up to now between establishments abroad and the URCA.
The cooperation agreements are mostly bilateral: collaboration agreements or signed in the framework of a larger consortium: framework agreement.

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A collaboration agreement specifies that partner entities:
• share common interest in university, scientific and cultural sectors,
• wish to strengthen the university, scientific and cultural links between both countries,
• are willing to open communication ways that would enable the exchange of scientific and cultural knowledge, taking their mission and the goals they pursue into consideration,
• make sure that the exchange of knowledge and experiments greatly serves the superior interests of their staff and students,
• consider that it is up to them to further develop university and cultural links so as to promote the above-detailed points and take the necessary steps to achieve them.

Both institutions commit then to promote the exchange of skills and staff in the sectors of research and training.

In order to promote the goals such as defined, both parties commit, thanks to the available means and accordingly to the current regulations in their respective institution and country to:
• facilitate the exchange of students, teachers, researchers, management and administration staff,
• encourage the participation to projects, research programmes and bilateral and multilateral developments,
• cooperate in terms of training programmes for research and technicians,
• guide each other on questions related to both parties’ activities,
• encourage the reciprocal books, publications and any other research material exchanges,
• promote any other type of activity that can be considered of mutual interest depending on the available means of the parties and keeping in mind the goals as they have been set in the present agreement.
Based on this agreement, a five year convention is then signed by the partners.

A collaboration agreement template is available at the International Relations Service (SRI) in different languages (international tab). The SRI helps build up the partnership, which is submitted for approval to the Council of the establishment: CA/CS (schools and institutes) or CG (UFR).

The agreement is then submitted for signature to the President of the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne.

N.B. The whole procedure requires at least 6 months.

SRI – Cellule cooperation scientifique
Phone: + 33 (0)3 26 91 84 28.