Building Technical Department (STI)

Contact details

9 boulevard de La Paix, 51097 REIMS Cedex
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Offices :
Campus du Moulin de la Housse
Bâtiment 24
51100 REIMS


The department operates around 3 main units:

Technical Unit:
Contracting authority in charge of State-Region Projects and University buildings. It runs all operations from programming to final delivery.
The department is in charge of maintenance together with the sites technical teams and ensures the proper operation of installations in compliance with regulatory requirements (Access to handicapped persons, Work Code…). It takes part in the elaboration of main projects.
It is also involved in new processes (computerisation, sustainable development…)

Administrative Unit:
In charge of reception, mail processing and switchboard.

Management Unit:
It settles the various types of expenses which the Department incurs, whether for works ordered or invoices. The Unit also monitors the evolution of expenses through several indicators, in order to better manage maintenance expenses, in compliance with targets.

Department organisational chart

The Missions of the Department:

  • Maintain the current property holding,
  • Ensure the safety of students and personnel,
  • Define the needs and lead new works, operating as contracting authority.
  • Help users in the proper use of infrastructures
  • Together with H&S Department, write articles in the University newsletter, "worksite news"


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