Vice-president delegated in charge of means and heritage

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The board of administration determines the policy of the university.

Under this authority:

  • It approves the establishment contract of the university;
  • It votes the budget and approves the accounts;
  • It approves the agreements and conventions signed by the President of the establishment and, subject to specific conditions set by decree, loans, stake-takings, creations of subsidiaries and functions as described in article L719-12, acceptance of gifts and bequests as well as purchases and sales of real estate;
  • It adopts the internal regulations of the University;
  • It sets, upon proposal from the President and subject to national priorities, the distribution of employments allocated by the competent ministers;
  • It authorises the President to take any legal action;
  • It adopts the examination rules;
  • It approves the annual report, including a full report and a project, presented by the President.
  • It may delegate some of these attributions to the President. He reports in the shortest time to the Board of Administration on the decisions made as part of this delegation.

The council is composed of 30 members: 14 professors, 3 technical and admin staff personnels BIATOSS, 5 students, 5 public personalities.

Vice-président délégué en charge des moyens et du patrimoine

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