Welcome to the URCA !

Watching the Video you will find out why to study at the URCA !

We are happy to welcome you to the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne. We do our best to help you settle in and adapt well.

Organisation of the education at the URCA

The URCA is the only multi-disciplinary university in the region Champagne-Ardenne, more than 130 degrees are offered to the students. Within the framework of the European higher education system, French education is organized in almost all the faculties according to the following scheme: the bachelor's degree (fr. licence, A-level + 6 semesters), the master's degree (A-level + 10 semesters), and the doctorate (A-level + 16 semesters). Thanks to the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) all students - whether they are French or international - can easily understand and compare their degree programme to any other European degree programme.

Download the study and cours guide of the URCA (French version).

International Student welcome guide 2012/2013

An international student welcome guide has been designed especially for you. It provides you with all of the information necessary to help you succeed at university and your time here in France. The easyto-use booklet will help you all along the way and will hopefully contribute to your success.

The Guichet Unique (or "the one-stop counter")

is the primary point of contact between international degree students and all of the various university services surrounding student life. At the Guichet Unique you can find all the necessary information and services to accomplish the administrative procedures : residence permit, compulsory medical examination, jobs in France, accommodations and possible supports, student social security, stand-by and social services, bank and insurance information, etc.

When does it operate? Between September 1st and October 15th.

Welcome Programme for exchange students

The International Relations Office (SRI) organises a welcome programme at the beginning of September, before the start of the courses. For more information feel free to contact the International Relations Office : sri@univ-reims.fr