International Cooperation


The overall objective of the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne is to increase international prestige and it is clearly stated in the quadrennial program 2008-2011. The main areas of our policy are to promote European and international mobility of students and professor-researchers and to develop scientific cooperation with foreign universities. 350 cooperations with 38 countries around the world are currently registered by the URCA. Each year, nearly 12% of international students are welcomed by the URCA, which demonstrates its attractiveness outside the Champagne-Ardenne region.

Partnership agreement

What is a partnership agreement?

Most partnership agreements are bilateral agreements but if signed in a multilateral context, they are called “framework agreements”.

The signature of a partnership agreement between the URCA and a foreign university allows to:

  • facilitate students, teachers, managerial and administrative staff’s exchange between the two institutions
  • encourage the participation in projects and bilateral and multilateral research and development programmes
  • cooperate in training programmes for research and technical staff
  • give mutual recommendations in matters relating to the activities of the two parties
  • encourage reciprocal exchanges of books, literature and other research materials
  • promote all types of activities considered as of mutual interest

How to sign a partnership agreement?

The International Relations Department (SRI) negotiates the agreement with the foreign higher education institution and submit it for an advice to the council of concerned authority: CE/CA (instituts), CG (UFR).
The agreement is signed by the President of the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne upon receiving a favorable opinion of the council board.

A standard partnership agreement is available at the SRI in different languages (English, Spanish, German)

For any other question regarding partnership agreements, please feel free to contact the Scientific Cooperation unit: Angkhala HOUANG- Mail :, Tel : 03 26 91 84 28