HyPE-13 project: Hybridise and Share Lessons

Published on 07 April 2021

The University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne has joined forces with eleven French universities [i] to respond to the 'Hybridisation of higher education training' call for proposals within the framework of the Investment for the Future Programme (PIA) of the National Research Agency (ANR).

The project of this consortium, coordinated by the University of Pau and the Pays de l'Adour (UPPA), is called ‘HyPE-13 - Hybridise and Share Lessons’ (ANR-20-NCUN-0011). The project launch meeting was held on 19 November 2020 by videoconference in the presence of representatives from the ANR and the presidents and vice-presidents of the partner universities of the project.

This is an ambitious project, resulting from the collaboration of these twelve universities, to build shared systems. It should make it possible to:

- remove the barriers preventing the sharing and reuse of existing hybrid training resources
- build a common strategy for the development of hybridisation systems with the support of learning analytics tools.

It is broken down into four main themes:

Identification of the barriers to sharing and hybridisation of training and content/mapping of what is already in place;
Accelerated training for those involved in the educational relationship;
Development of shared digital systems (interconnection of Moodle platforms, learning analytics functionalities in Moodle, shared training elements)
Analysis of the educational transformation and new uses, security and compliance.

The project has a total budget of €3 million for the production of 19 deliverables in 18 months. It is based on collaboration between teachers and staff from all the universities in the consortium, each university participating directly or indirectly in the fulfilment of each of the deliverables.

The University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne is managing three actions for which it has significant human resources (developers, educational engineers, project coordinator) integrated within the Digital Department:

- the design and implementation of educational masks in Moodle that will support teachers in the construction of hybrid training systems (Alexandre BOOMS)
- a feasibility study for the provision of a learning analytics application interface for the Moodle platform (Fabien EMPRIN)
- the implementation of learning analytics to mitigate the risk of student dropout and guarantee the success of a learning pathway (Fabien EMPRIN)

The HyPE-13 project is an educational toolbox shared within an innovative consortium and foreshadows a number of transformations that will allow us to better accompany our students towards success. The University of Reims Champagne Ardenne is fully in sync with this approach.


Patrick RAVAUX, Vice-president for educational transformation - patrick.ravaux@univ-reims.fr

Alexandre BOOMS, Project leader - alexandre.booms@univ-reims.fr

Brigitte COLANTONIO, project coordinator - brigitte.colantonio@univ-reims.fr