Sciences Po and the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne open the Talents preparatory class

Published on 29 April 2021

The project was selected as part of the call for expressions of interest launched by the Ministry of Public Transformation and Service to promote the social openness of schools, in particular the future Institute of Public Service, that prepare for jobs in the senior civil service. The offer is based on existing collaborations between our establishments. This Talents preparatory class will support 20 scholarship students in their aspiration for professional careers in the senior civil service.

Actions to raise awareness of professions in the senior civil service from secondary school onwards, and which are based on local dynamics

The proposed system is aimed at scholarship students from academic partners who have little or no knowledge of the expectations of competitive examinations and who tend to self-censor.

It is also intended for all young people in our region, students, sixth form students and even school pupils in order to inform them about the professions for which these competitive examinations prepare, to explain to them the career prospects within the senior civil service, and to help them take a direction and support their ambitions. In order to further diversify the pool of students concerned by the proposed project, actions to raise awareness of public service careers and to promote Talent paths will therefore be carried out.

A one-year individual and personalised preparation course to access the senior civil service of the State, local authorities and health sector

During their year of preparation, students will be able to prepare for the entrance examination for ENA (future Institute of Public Service), INET and EHESP (Hospital Director and Director of health, social and medico-social establishments) for which Talents competitive examinations will be organised from 2022. They will also be able to prepare for the competitive examination of the École Nationale Supérieure de la Sécurité Sociale (EN3S), whose programme is similar to that of the EHESP.

The common educational project is based on the solid experience of the partners in preparing for French administrative competitive exams.

It revolves around the following elements:

  • a welcome by the teaching team and integration from July into the class;
  • personal work to catch up or consolidate knowledge in common core subjects during the summer;
  • an intensive academic pre-entry devoted to methodology and continuation of summer work;
  • 28 weeks of in-depth training in the disciplines of competitive examinations provided both by teacher-researchers and by senior civil servants;
  • intensive and regular training thanks to weekly run-throughs, three mock competitive examinations as well as mock oral exams;
  • individual tutoring to support each student during their preparation;
  • an immersive approach to public service through an internship in a local administration or public establishment, meetings with civil servants and visits to administrations and local authorities during the year;
  • a certificate (issued by Sciences Po) and a university diploma (issued by the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne) at the end of the training.

To enable applicants to fully express their potential

Applicants must be CROUS scholarship holders and holders of a Master's 2 degree (or in the process of obtaining a Master's 2 degree in the year in which the application is submitted). The selection will take place in two successive stages: an eligibility phase based on an application followed by an admission phase which will take the form of an oral examination. Applications will take place between April and June 2021.

This selection is a key element in the objective of democratisation and social, geographic and disciplinary openness provided by this Talents Preparatory Classes project. During this process, the aim is to enable applicants to express their potential and to identify particularly deserving students who can be supported in their plans to join the senior civil service.

Particular attention will be paid to the material conditions offered within the framework of these programmes. Agreements with the CROUS will be signed at each of the sites in order to enable students to benefit from accommodation and catering conditions adapted to their needs. Each student will also receive an allowance of 4,000 euros in addition to their CROUS grant.

To apply online
Applicants must tick on 'Preparation for French administrative competitive examinations - School of Public Affairs' and then the line which specifies their situation 'You have successfully completed or are in the process of successfully completing a second year of a Master's degree'.