Missions and aims

IGC's mission is to:

  • Coordinate research activity and higher learning opportunities in Vine and Wine and foster interdisciplinary collaboration

  • Promote the synergy of effort and sharing of complementary expertise and skills among a broad community of educators, scientists, entrepreneurs, policymakers, industry professionals and technologists engaged in all facets of Champagne-related activities

  • Foster science communication in Vine and Wine

  • Foster cooperation with clusters and institutes from other wine-producing regions in France, Europe and around the world to strengthen the visibility of North-East France among competence centers in training and research in Vine and Wine

  • Build a platform of cultural activity and shared heritage (such as History, Art, Gastronomy or Archeology) gathering together players of the Champagne region and champagne industry

IGC aims to:

  • Strengthen the visibility and appeal of our research and education opportunities

  • Increase international visibility

  • Provide a forum for ongoing dialogue between academia and the business world

  • Coordinate research activities in vine-growing, wine-making and heritage development in the Champagne region

  • Consolidate Champagne's leadership in the field of vine and wine by forging new links between secondary and higher education institutions and agricultural schools, encouraging interdisciplinarity collaboration in teaching and research, and fostering the collective capacity to innovate

  • Enhance the shared heritage of champagne wines and the Champagne region

The focus of IGC is Vine and Wine of the Champagne region.