Contact details

Associate Professor at University of Reims Champagne Ardenne (since 2003)

Research Unit on Grapevine and Wines in Champagne (URVVC, EA 47 07)

Building 18, Moulin de la Housse - BP 1039 - 51687 REIMS Cedex 2.

Phone number: 00 33


Research key words

Physiology ; ecophysiology ; photosynthesis ; carbohydrate metabolism

Research activities

Carbon metabolism of leaves, flowers and fruits: photosynthesis, respiration, PSI and PSII activity, carbohydrate metabolism, gene expression.

Physiology of stress: stress biotic (Botrytis cinerea and other, bacteria) and abiotic (pesticides, UV, cold, warm): impact on defence mechanism of the plant and carbon metabolism.

Biomarkers of stress, early detection of the disease symptoms: photosynthesis, chlorophyll fluorescence, biochemical markers, immunity of plants, resistance against pathogens.

Scientific expertise

Expert for ANR, FranceAgrimer ERA-CAPS, ECOS-Sud(Argentine - Chili - Uruguay)

Member of school Doctor Council (547 Sciences Technology Health)

Member of Scientific Council of SFR CNRS 3417 « Condorcet »

Member of National University Council, section 66, substitute

Member of Jury in thesis, master

Invited reviewer for Env Sci Technol, J Exp Bot, Chemosphere, JAFC, Process Biochem, Env Tox Biochem, Plant Phys Biochem, …

Technic expertise in Photosynthesis

Gaz exchanges (Licor 64000), chlorophyll fluorimeter (P680), P700

Biochemical assay : sugar, chlorophyll, Rubisco, …

Administrative and teaching responsabilities


Head of the cursus Master “ Production of Agro-ressources and durable development”


Head of the professional bachelor degree at the university, course « Agroressources and Environnement » § Head of teaching unit « Biological production» at Master level, Ecophysiology and Biology of Angiosperms at bachelor level § Lectures in Biology of Angiosperms and Ecophysiology.

Teaching key words

Vegetable biology ; physiology ; ecophysiology

Research Programm coordination


CIVB : Flowering in grapevines and climate change


Reims Métropole : Flowering in grapevines and climate change: effect of beneficial bacteria on carbohydrates and floral development


CPER Gluciflor : Flowering in grapevines : impact of environmental factors on carbohydrate metabolism and yields

Main publications

- Sawicki M., Aït Barka E., Clément C., Vaillant-Gaveau N., Jacquard C. (2015) Cross-talk between environmental stresses and plant metabolism during reproductive organ abscission. Journal of Experimental Botany – sous presse. doi: 10.1093/jxb/eru533

- Sawicki M., Jacquens L., Baillieul F., Clément C., Vaillant-Gaveau N., Jacquard C. (2015) Distinct regulation in inflorescence carbohydrate metabolism according to grapevine cultivars during floral development. Physiologia Plantarum – sous presse. doi:10.1111/ppl.12321

- Vatsa-Portugal P., Walker A.S., Jacquens L., Clément C., Ait Barka E.,Vaillant-Gaveau N. (2015) Inflorescences versus leaves: a distinct modulation of carbon metabolism process during Botrytis infection. Physiologia Plantarum – sous presse. doi: 10.1111/ppl.12287

- Sawicki M., Jeanson E., Celiz V., Clément C., Jacquard C., Vaillant-Gaveau N. (2012) Adaptation of grapevine flowers to cold involves different mechanisms depending on stress intensity. PLoS ONE.7(10): e46976.

- Vaillant-Gaveau N., Maillard P., Wojnarowiez G., Gross P., Clément C., Fontaine F. (2011) Inflorescence of grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.): a high ability to distribute its own assimilates. Journal of Experimental Botany, 62(12), 4183-4190.

Main international conferences

- Sawicki M., Ait Barka E., Clément C., Gilard F., Tcherkez GG., Baillieul F., Jacquard C., Vaillant-Gaveau N. (2015)Cold-response in grapevine inflorescences: comparison of two cultivars with contrasted resistance to coulure. GIESCO, Gruissan (France).

- Vatsa P., Baillieul F., Jacquard C., Vaillant-Gaveau N., Clément C. (2012) The flower of grapevine: an amazing complex with special physiological behaviour. 22th International Congress on Sexual Plant Reproduction, Melbourne (Australia).

- Vatsa P., Walker AS., Clément C., Vaillant-Gaveau N. (2012) Botrytis cinerea alters grapevine metabolism: a signal for plant defence? Macrowine: Macrovision of viticulture, wine making and markets. Bordeaux (France).

- Ahmadi A., Clément C., Vaillant-Gaveau N. (2011) Effect of defoliation on the photosystem II activity of the grapevine inflorescence (Vitis vinifera L.)International Congress of Environmental Research ICER-11 Surat (Inde).

- Vatsa P., Walker AS., Clément C., Vaillant-Gaveau N. (2011)Impact of Different Strains of Botrytis cinerea on carbohydrate metabolism in grapevine inflorescence: a signal for plant defence?1st Annual International Symposium of Mycology (ISM) Beijing (Chine).