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Professor at the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne.

Research Unit on Grapevine and Wines in Champagne, URVVC - EA 47 07, Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, BP 1039, F-51687 Reims.

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Research interests

During 8 years in 2 German laboratories (at BASF and the University of Constance), my research focused on the biochemical mode of action of chloroacetamide and other herbicides in plants. At the University of Reims, my research has mainly focused on pesticide ecotoxicology, biomarker development, phytoremediation and also fate of pesticides in the environment. I mainly use aquatic plants and algae as models for my research and occasionally invertebrates. I have also been involved in research about grapevine bio-protection against Botrytis cinerea. Research key words: pesticides, pollution, ecotoxicology, plant physiology

Technical skills

Plant cell culture, analysis, chromatography, enzyme activity

Teaching activities

At all university levels, ecology and environmental science, crop protection, environmental risk. In charge of a Master’s program – GENI (Génie des Environnements Naturels et Industriels)

Teaching keywords

Ecology, environment, crop protection, environmental risk, GENI

Research program coordination

Coordinator of AQUAL research program (2007-2014) “Control of non-point source pollution in rural area”

5 major recent publications

- Langeron J, Blondel A, Sayen S, Hénon E, Couderchet M, Guillon E 2014. Molecular properties affecting the adsorption coefficient of pesticides from various chemical families. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 21: 9727-9741

- Megateli S., Dosnon-Olette R., Trotel-Aziz P., Geffard A., Semsari S., Couderchet M. 2013. Simultaneous effects of two fungicides (copper and dimethomorph) on their phytoremediation using Lemna minor. Ecotoxicology 22: 683-692

- El Arfaoui A, Sayen S, Paris M, Keziou A, Couderchet M, Guillon E 2012. Is organic matter alone sufficient to predict isoproturon sorption in calcareous soils? Science of the Total Environment 432: 251–256

- Dosnon-Olette R, Schröder P, Bartha B, Aziz A, Couderchet M, Eullaffroy P 2011. Enzymatic basis for fungicide removal by Elodea canadensis, Environmental Science and Pollution Research 18: 1015-1021

- Dosnon-Olette R, Couderchet M, Oturan MA, Oturan N, Eullaffroy P 2011. Potential use of Lemna minor for the phytoremediation of isoproturon and glyphosate. International Journal of Phytoremediation 13: 601-612

5 major recent international conferences

- Couderchet M., Dosnon-Olette R., Megateli S., Rebouh K., Aziz A., Trotel-Aziz P., 2014. Phytoremediation of vineyard pesticides. 4th International Symposium of Environmental Biotechnology and Engineering. Mexico, sept. 2014. (invited lecturer)

- Pacaly V., Trotel-Aziz P., Eullaffroy P., Couderchet M., Aziz A. 2011. Comparison of pesticides and heavy metals in their capacity to induce changes in phytochelatin and glutathione level in Lemna minor. 7th International MGPR Symposium, Thessalonique, Greece, Nov. 2011

- Blondel A., Langeron J., Sayen S., Couderchet M., Guillon E. 2011. QSAR relation between pesticides and their retention in calcareous soils - QSAR between pesticide physico-chemical properties and their retention capacities in soils, 7th International MGPR Symposium, Thessalonique, Greece, Nov. 2011

- Couderchet M., Desjardin E., Guillon E., Blanchoud H., Geffard A., Trotel-Aziz P. 2011. Une réponse à la pollution par les intrants agricoles dans la région de Reims : le programme de recherches AQUAL. 1er Congrès Polluants Organiques Générés par l'Agriculture et les Transports, POGAT, Agadir, Maroc, Oct. 2011 (MC invited lecturer)

- Dosnon-Olette R., Eullaffroy P., Trotel-Aziz P., Couderchet M. 2010. Bio- and phyto-remediation in and from Champagne vineyards, Grape and Wine Workshop 22-23 feb., Brock University, Saint-Catharines, Ontario, Canada. (MC invited lecturer)

Honors and rewards

President of the Groupe Français des Pesticides (French Pesticides research Group Editor In Chief of The Open Journal of Ecology