Contact details

Associate Professor at the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne

Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences

Research Unit on Grapevien and Wines in Champagne, (URVVC, EA 4707)

Campus du Moulin de la Housse, BP 1039 - 51687 REIMS Cedex 2, France

Phone number: +33(0)326918525 (or 8861)


Research activities

My research fall within the general framework of plant responses to environmental stress, particularly abiotic stress (water / osmotic stress), anthropic (chemical pesticides) and also biotic stress (during the interaction of plant with beneficial bacteria and with pathogens). More particularly, my research focused on:

(1) the plasticity of the metabolism of a solute compound involved in osmoregulation and / or osmoprotection processes in Rapeseed, in good correlation with some growth regulators such as ABA ;

(2) the potential toxicity of organic pollutants introduced into soil and/or water in vineyards, and on the possibility to reduce / detoxify such a diffused pollution using bacteria (bioremediation) and / or plants ± beneficial microorganisms (phytoremediation & rhizoremediation ) ;

(3) the use of beneficial bacteria or elicitors to reinforce grapevine resistance against gray mold disease or against BDA. Our research on Botrytis cinerea have already opened new track on the mechanisms involved in the modulation of the plant defense reactions, whether they were induced or primed. The molecular and biochemical origin of this resistance induced by beneficial bacteria remains to be explored. We also aim to reduce the variability of plant protection in situ using such beneficial micro-organisms. BDA-research led us to an increasing interest for phytotoxins of Botryospheriacea, especially the ways used by grapevine ± beneficial microorganisms to detoxify the toxins.

Keywords Research

Metabolic plasticiy, bio-control, grapevine, beneficial bacteria, induced resistance.

Technical skills

Analyzes of several metabolites by HPLC or CPG ; Gene expression by qPCR ; Enzymology ; Pathogenicity tests (/Botrytis ou /Botryosphériacées) and measurement of induced-protection by beneficial bacteria on different plant models ; antagonism between microorganisms ; Physiological analyzes through different plant models associated or not with beneficial bacteria.

Teaching activities

Head of the option "Forest and Environment" in the Professional License Agro-resources and Environment.

Setting up of a new teaching module called "phytoremediation", in the 2nd year of the Master

"Production of Agro-Resources and Sustainable Development" and in charge of this module (ECO904). Responsible for a transversal teaching unit in applied ecology for the SVT license (L1-L2L3) and the L2 Geography (ECO201). Responsible for a basic education unit called "Plant Pathology" for the Professional License "Forest and Environment" (ARFEN631). Co-head of a fundamental ecological unit in the 1st year of SVT-license (ECO101). àDevoted to the adaptations of plants to their environment, present teaching activities include plant responses to biotic, abiotic and anthropic.

Supervision of several interns and students, co-direction and supervision of 2 PhD students, cosupervision of a PhD in progress.

Keywords Teaching

Ecophysiology, Biological remediation, Ecology, Plant physiology, Plant protection.

Coordination of regional, national and international programs

Participation to the CPER programs CPER VINEAL, VINEAL2 and AQUAL from 2002 to 2013.

Participation to the national program CASDAR V1301 (2013-2017).

Main publications

- Verhagen B., Trotel-Aziz P., Jeandet P., Baillieul F., Aziz A., 2011.- Improved resistance against Botrytis cinerea by grapevine-associated bacteria that induce a prime oxidative burst and phytoalexin production. Phytopathology, 101 : 768-777.

- Magnin-Robert M., Quantinet D., Couderchet M., Aziz A., Trotel-Aziz P., 2013.- Differential induction of grapevine resistance and defense reactions against Botrytis cinerea by bacterial mixtures in vineyards.BioControl, 58 :117-131.

- Megateli S., Dosnon-Olette R., Trotel-Aziz P., Geffard A., Semsari S., Couderchet M., 2013. Simultaneous effects of two fungicides (copper and dimethomorph) on their phytoremediation using Lemna minor.Ecotoxicology 22:683-692.

- Hatmi S., Trotel-Aziz P., Villaume S., Couderchet M., Clément C., Aziz A., 2014.- Osmotic stressinduced polyamine oxidation mediates defence responses and reduces stress-enhanced grapevine susceptibility to Botrytis cinerea. Journal of Experimental Botany 65: 75-88.

- Hatmi S., Gruau C., Trotel-Aziz P., Villaume S., Rabenoelina F., Baillieul F., Eullaffroy P, Clément C., Ferchichi A., Aziz A., 2015.- Drought stress tolerance in grapevine involves activation of polyamine oxidation contributing to improved immune response and low susceptibility to Botrytis cinerea. Journal of Experimental Botany 66: 775-87.

Main international conferences

- Trotel-Aziz P., Aziz A., Amborabé E., Kilani-Feki O., Vernet G., 2002.- Lutte biologique contre Botrytis cinerea chez la vigne : valorisation des bactéries endophytes et autochtones de la région Champagne – Ardenne. Mondiaviti, le mondial de l’information et de la communication viti-vinicole, ITV-Vinitech. December 04-05, Bordeaux, France.

- Aziz A., Hatmi S., Eullaffroy P., Trotel-Aziz P., Couderchet M., 2008.- Osmotic stress-induced change in polyamine metabolism can modulate grapevine defense responses and resistance to Botrytis cinerea. 8th International Symposium on Grapevine Physiology and Biotechnology. November 2328, Adelaide, Australia.

- Couderchet M., Aziz A., Eullaffroy P., Trotel-Aziz P., 2010.-Bio- and phyto-remediation in and from Champagne vineyards, Grape and Wine Workshop. Toronto, Canada

- Trotel-Aziz P., Verhagen B., Gruau C., Magnin-Robert M., Couderchet M., Clément C., Baillieul F., Aziz A., 2012.- Effectiveness of beneficial bacteria-mediated ISR against Botrytis cinerea in relation to direct activation and priming of defense responses in grapevine. International Organisation for Biological and Integrated Control - Biological Control of Fungal and Bacterial plant Pathogens - Biocontrol of plant pathogens in sustainable agriculture. 24-27 June, Reims University, France.

- Gruau C., Trotel-Aziz P., Clément C., Baillieul F., Aziz A., 2014.- Immune response and metabolic homeostasis upon interaction between grapevine and Pseudomonas fluorescens PTA-CT2 inducing ISR against Botrytis cinerea. IOBC, Biological control of fungal and bacterial plant pathogens, Biocontrol of plant diseases: from the field to the laboratory and back again, 15-18 June, Uppsala, Sweden.

- Aziz A., Gruau C., Magnin-Robert M., Verhagen B., Clément C., Baillieul F., Trotel-Aziz P., 2014.- Modulation of the grapevine immune system upon interaction with natural beneficial bacteria and induced resistance against Botrytis cinerea. 2nd International Symposium on Biocontrol of Grapevine diseases (Workshop – IOBC), 18 June, SLU, Uppsala, Sweden.

Other activities

Member of the selection committee for the 2015 recruitment on 68MCF0410 at Nancy-Brabois IUT. - Reviewer for Plant Science, Environmental and Experimental Botany (EEB), Botanical Bulletin of Academia Sinica (BBAS) ...

  • At least 20 publications in refereed journals, one international patent, 7 sequence deposits, 19 communications in international conferences, 6 invited lectures, etc ...
  • Member of jury for 2 theses, several Master 2, and Professional Licence "Forest and Environment"
  • Co-direction of 1 PhD, Scientific co-responsability for one thesis, Co-supervision of one post-doctoral researcher, Co-supervision of trainees 13 (8 BTSA, L3 1, 3 M1, M2R 1)
  • Member of jury for practical tests of BTS ANABIOTEC (Agricultural College of Reims Thillois).