Coordinators / general questions

You are not involved in the TRO-pico project but you are interested in the project objectives or in the measurements from the campaign ?
Please contact the coordinator of TRO-pico, Emmanuel Rivière (emmanuel.riviè with copy to Jean-Pierre Pommereau (
You need more information about the project or you are interested in a specific activity within TRO-pico : please refer to the table below to contact the right person.

  • Instruments/measurements Pico-SDLA H2O, CO2 ou CH4

Georges.durry (GSMA) PI, or Nadir Amarouche (DT-INSU)

  • Instruments/measurements mini-SAOZ, COBALD

Jean-Pierre Pommereau (LATMOS)

  • Instrument/measurements FLASH-B (H2O)

Sergey Khaykin (LATMOS)

  • Instrument/measurements AICEP

Jean-Jacques Berthelier(LATMOS)

  • Instrument/measurements LOAC

Jean-Baptiste Renard (LPC2E)

  • Instrument/measurements ODS

Jean-Pierre Pommereau (LATMOS)

  • Measurements Radiosonde RS 92

Gerhard Held (IPMET)
Jean-Pierre Pommereau

  • Ground-based measurements during the campaign

Gerhard Held (IPMET)

  • Overshoot modeling

Emmanuel Rivière (GSMA with BRAMS)
Jean-Pierre Chaboureau (LA with méso-NH)

  • Overshoot variability

Emmanuel Rivière
Jean-Pierre Pommereau
Gerhard Held (IPMET)

  • Thermal structure of the TTL

Alain Hauchecorne (LATMOS)

  • Thin cirrusses in the TTL and nitrogen containing cirrusses

Vincent Noël (LMD)

  • Cirrusses or charged ice particles

J.-J. Berthelier (LATMOS)

  • Large scales processes

Philippe Ricaud (CNRM-GAME)

  • Upscalling of the overshoots impact

Emmanuel Rivière
Virginie Marécal (CNRM-GAME)

  • Satellite validation and vertical transport seen by satellites

Philippe Ricaud (CNRM-GAME)

  • Assimilation of water vapour in global models

Philippe Ricaud (CNRM-GAME)

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