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University Department of Physical and Sport Activities (SUAPS)

gallery_images/site/20731/22767.jpgDo sport while studying!

To be part of the SUAPS, you only need to settle the € 25 sports right fees
• when you register at the University


• directly at the SUAPS, bringing your student card and an identity picture.

Available activitiesAccess the programme of activities.

Over 50 sport activities are available for you to choose!

Aerobics Fencing Korfball
 Aikido  Fitness  Low Intensity Aerobics
 Aqua gym  Fitness barre  Bodybuilding
 Athletics  Football  Swimming
 Badminton  Full contact  Physical training
 Basket-ball  Futsal  Rugby
 Billiards  Golf  Self defence
 Boxing  Gym  Squash
 Bowling  Rythmic Gymnastics  Step
 Capoeira  Handball  Streching
 Circus  Hip-Hop  Tennis
 Running  Sub aquatic hockey  Table tennis
 African dancing  Judo  Archery
 Latino dancing  Jujitsu  Rifle shooting
 Oriental dancing  Karate  Volley-ball
 Rock&Roll dancing    Yoga
 Ballroom dancing    


See schedules on French SUAPS page

Competitive sport
Competitive sport in the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne is for every body and every level.
National Championshi