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The Academic Council brings together the members of the Research Commission and the Council of Studies and University Life. Academic council is composed of 80 members, including teachers, teachers-researchers, BIATOSS staff (support staff in the fields of research, engineering, administration, libraries, technical support and maintenance), students, and external personalities.

The functions of the academic council

The council shall be consulted on the strategic directions of the University in politics of training and of research.

In its plenary session, the academic council is consulted for opinion or to makes vows regarding the following topics:
  • The orientations of the policies of formation, research, infusion of the scientific, technical and industrial culture as well as scientific and technical documentation;
  • The qualification to be given to vacant or requested teacher-researcher and researcher posts;
  • The application for certification (new terminology) mentioned in Article L. 613-1 and on the institution’s contract;
  • All actions aiming to guarantee academic freedom as well as the trade union and political freedoms of students;
  • The creation of sub-administrations/components
  • Proposal of multi-year guiding diagram in politics of the disability, which covers all the domains concerned by disability. After consulting the technical committee mentioned in the article L. 951-1-1 of the present code, this diagram defines the aims, which the establishment pursues to fulfil the obligation instituted by the article L. 323-2 of labour laws.
In its restricted session for teachers-researchers, the academic council academic advice will be intended to be the competent organ for:
  • Consideration of individual issues related to recruitment, assignment and career of teacher-researchers;
  • Discuss integration of the civil servants of other bodies in the body of the teachers-researchers and recruitment or renewal of the temporary attaches of education and of research. It gives a ruling for example on the creation of the selection committees, the tenure-track of associate professors, the progress files, requests for secondment and delegation.

Under specific conditions by decree, when examining in restricted session individual questions relating to teacher-researchers, other than professors, the academic council should be composed equally of men and women similarly representing professors and other teacher-researchers.

The decisions of the academic council with financial implications are subject to the approval of the Administration council.

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  • Vice-présidente du CAC, de la commission de la formation et de la vie universitaire (CFVU) en charge de science avec et pour la société

  • Phone +33 3 26 91 87 77

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