History of URCA


Although it has old roots, the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, with its new organisation, has existed for less than thirty years.
The University of Reims was created in 1548, thanks to the Cardinal de Lorraine who made the papacy turn it into one of the main cathedral schools in Europe in the Middle Ages. It was closed down in 1793 during the French Revolution and disappeared almost completely for a century, until it came back in the sixties.

The Science Faculty (1961), the University Literary College (1964), the Law and Economics Faculty (1966), Reims Institute of Technology (1966), Medical and Pharmacy mixed Faculty (1967), the National School of Dental Surgery (1970) are the successive elements that have composed the University of Reims since 1971.

The creation of a University Institute of Technology in Troyes (1973), a Superior Technical Training Institute (1985) and a University Institute of Technology in Charleville-Mézières (1995), the development in Troyes of a second unit of Law, Economics and Literature Faculties of Reims (1991) and the opening of a University Institute of Technology in Châlons-en-Champagne (1993) have now asserted the regional roots of a university that became in 1982 the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne.


On July 26th, the day Henry II is crowned in his cathedral, Reims' archbishop, Charles de Lorraine shares with the King his wish to create a university in Reims and is encouraged to pursue the project.


January: Bull from the Pope Paul III founding the University of Reims
March: The letters of patent (act by which the King establishes an authority) of King Henry III authorises the opening of the University of Reims.


On January 29th, the Letters of patents are registered with a decision from the Parliament.


On June 26th: Publication of the bull, Letters of patent and judgement on the sound of horns, in streets and squares of the city, announcing the opening of the University.

On October 9th: Opening of the Faculty of Arts. Originally, our current secondary schools were part of University.
The University is located in the old Collège des Bons-Enfants, Rue Saint-Antoine, which becomes the rue de l'Université.


Integration of the Collège des Jésuites in Reims into the University.


The University is shut down with a National Convention decree.


A Medicine and Pharmacy School and a Literature Faculty (then shut down in 1815) were created.


Creation in Reims of the “Science Superior School”, located next to the Medicine and Pharmacy School, attached to Paris.


Establishment of a “University Centre”, linked to the University of Nancy (hence dependant upon the latter).


Creation of the Science Faculty in Reims (actual opening in 1961).


Creation of the Academy of Reims.


The Science Faculty is located on the campus of Moulin de la Housse. Creation of a “Literature superior Studies centre”.


The Studies Centre becomes a “University Literary College” (attached to the Literature Faculty of Nancy).


Creation of the “Law and Economics University College”.
Creation of the University Institute of Technology in Reims.
The Medicine and Pharmacy School becomes the “Medicine and Pharmacy mixed Faculty".


On the 1st of January, the University of Reims, under the authority of the Director of Education of the Academy, was officially created.


Creation of the “Law and Economics Faculty”.
Creation of the Literature and Social Sciences Faculty.
Law of November 12th, creating the “public establishments with scientific and cultural focus”. Faculties lost their autonomy in favour of the University. A President at the head is elected. The Director of Education becomes the Director of the University.
Creation of the University Institute of Technology in Reims-Troyes.


Pursuant to the 1968 law, the faculties become "UERs" (Units of Teaching and Research).


The “Dental Surgery National School" is created in Reims and transformed into the Odontology UER the same year.
Creation of the Croix-Rouge Campus.


The mixed Medicine and Pharmacy Faculty split into one Medicine UER and one Pharmacy UER.
The first President of University is elected.


Troyes’ University Institute of Technology becomes an independent University Institute of Technology.


The University of Reims changes its name and becomes the “University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne” to illustrate its regional roots.


26th of January law on Higher Education (“Savary” law). The “UERs” become “UFRs” (Units for Training and Research).


The Law and Economics UER splits into one Law and Politics UFR and one Economics and Management UFR.


The Savary law is enforced.
The University statutes undergo transformation;
Creation of the Institute of Higher Technical Training (IFTS) in Charleville-Mézières.


Creation of the Packaging and Conditioning Engineering School (ESIEC).


Creation of Troyes University Unit, linked to the Literature, Law and Economics UFRs from Reims.


Creation of the first department of the University Institute of Technology in Reims in Châlons-sur-Marne.


Creation of a department of the University Institute of Technology in Reims in Charleville-Mézières.


Creation of the Institute of Preparation for General Administration of Reims.


Creation of the Science and Techniques of Physical and Sport Activities UFR.


Celebration of the 450th anniversary of the University.


The Faculty of Economics and Management becomes the Faculty of Economics, Social Sciences and Management.


Integration at the University of IUFM Champagne-Ardenne.


The ESIEC becomes the ESIReims (Higher School of Engineers of Reims), to report on the diversity of training offered.


Opening of the Higher School of Teaching and Education (ESPE)


The ESPE becomes the Higher National Institutes of Teaching and Education (INSPE)