Cancellation and reimbursement of tuition fees

How do i cancel my administrative enrolment?

Cancellation requests are possible throughout the year.

The cancellation request must only be made with the downloadable form, to be completed and submitted via the following link:

If you cancel your administrative enrolment before 24 September of the current academic year, the university will reimburse tuition fees minus a deduction for management fees (regulatory provision).

In the event of a cancellation request submitted from 25 September onwards, the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne may decide to refund tuition fees for the following reasons:

  • an admission to higher education with limited capcity;
  • an admission to a sandwich course;
  • an admission to higher education to prepare a national diploma of another government department;
  • an admission by the drawing lots to Belgian higher education institutions.

Cancellation of administrative enrolments removes all rights pertaining to university services (courses, exams, access to resources, etc.).

N.B.: For the PACES, no request to cancel enrolment is admissible from 25 September onwards: the year will be counted in accordance with PACES' rules of procedure. However, a certificate from the Medicine faculty may be issued to a student who has dropped out of their course and who needs proof that they have stopped their course to get specific help (e.g. access to unemployment benefits, assistance from a local initiative, etc.).

How do i apply to get tuition fees refunded after i obtain grant holder status?

If you have received a higher education grant after you have enrolled, you can ask for your tuition fees to be refunded.

Reimbursement requests must only be made using the downloadable form, to be completed and submitted via the following link: