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New lignocellulose recalcitrance markers

Lignocellulose is a plant resource rich in polymers of interest for valorisation in the form of biomolecules, fuels and materials, but its chemical and structural complexity makes its transformation difficult and therefore still too expensive and not competitive enough with processes using fossil resources. Understanding its recalcitrance is therefore a challenge...



As part of the CHAT/LEFE FAMOUS project in collaboration with Météo France and the CNRM, the GSMA had to use an ultralight version (900g) of the AMULSE balloon instrument to take measurements of H2O flows under a tethered balloon. The GSMA took part on the one hand in the first validation phases on the Météopole...


Freepack Spirit Prize for IUT Reims-Chalons-Charleville

On 5 December 2019, our packaging design, industrial design and packing professional bachelor’s degree students at IUT Reims-Châlons-Charleville/URCA won the 2nd prize in the Freepack Spirit competition organised by the INDP in Cognac with an original YUZU (liquor from Japan) project.



Dune Eole Project

In a constantly evolving society, how can we guarantee students' employability? One avenue is to look at the concept of professional skills in tandem with Universities and the world of work. To do this, the University of Reims is carrying out analysis based on producing a competency framework, the assessment of students' skills by teachers and the promotion...


FARE takes part in the second meeting of the LignoCOST network in Portugal

The LignoCOST network meeting (CA17128) took place in Peso de Régua from 12 to 14 November.

It's in the wine region of the Douro Valley, classified as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, that FARE is participating for the second time in working groups on the valorisation of lignin organised by the European network...


FARE takes part in the IX AFEM conference in Büssang

The IX conference of the French-speaking Association for Microbial Ecology (AFEM) brought together microbiologists working in environments and on organisms which vary greatly! It took place this year in the Grand Est, in Büssang, from 5 to 8 November and was an opportunity for FARE scientists to exchange ideas, results and tools with this community.


Mid-term event of the Interreg VALBRAN project led by FARE

This event organised by the partner ValBiom took place at the Biobase Europe Pilot Plant in Ghent in Belgium, and brought together nearly 100 people, most of whom were manufacturers.

During the event, the main results of the VALBRAN project, aimed at...


A human anatomy atlas at URCA

Since the start of the 2019 academic year, the Medicine and Pharmacy teaching and research divisions with the collaboration of the University Library have acquired the 3D Visible Body application suite, a tool for increasing one's knowledge of human anatomy.

With a simple smartphone, tablet or computer, students and teachers...


FARE welcomes new thermal analysis equipment

The enrichment laboratory activities with the arrival of Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) and a rheometer.

More specifically, a DSC25 and a DTG650 from TA-Instrument's Discovery series as well as a HAAKE MARS parallel plate rheometer from Thermo Fisher Scientific.


Launch of a double diploma with Venice

A meeting for the launch of the double master's degree in "urban and spatial planning" between IATEUR and the IUAV University in Venice will take place on Monday 4 November from 3 to 4 p.m. at ESIReims (lecture room).

Francesco Musco, director of the Master's degree in Italy, and Denis Maragno, research engineer...