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Accomodation in a Student Residence
The CROUS, an administrative institution independant from the University, manages the following types of students accomodation: Student residence halls and public housing (in french called "HLM" for "habitation à loyer modéré"). These residences are dispersed throughout the city, either in proximity to the campuses and canteens or in the districts well-connected to the University by public transports.

If you would like to be accomodated in a student residence, you should submit a request to the CROUS three months prior to your arrival.

On the website of the CROUS : you can find a list of all student residences in the region with the price, adress, proximity to the campus, facilities and nearby bus stops, and the procedure to apply for a student residence : www.crous-reims.fr/logements/

apply for a room in a student residence

The international degree - seeking students should prepare a Student Social File (DSE) in order to obtain a finacial support and / or an accomodation of the CROUS. You must register on the internet between January and May 15th.

Inquire about the DSE at the CROUS since financial aid and the conditions of allocation will vary according to your situation: http://www.crous-reims.fr/logements/

In order to reserve a room, please check the CROUS website: http://www.crous-reims.fr/logements/ and make a reservation by following the instructions. To meet your individual needs, all the services offered by the CROUS can be found on the online portal for student formalities and student life services: www.etudiant.gouv.fr

If you have a specific question, please use our online contact form at www.messervices.etudiant.gouv.fr.

A reply will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Visa & Warranty for Accomodation

La garantie VISALE (VISA pour le Logement et l'Emploi) est une assistance gouvernementale accordée par Action Logement (en savoir plus) à destination des jeunes de moins de 30 ans qui prend en charge le paiement du loyer et des charges locatives de la résidence principale, en cas de défaillance de paiement. Egalement une seconde aide est apportée Mobili-Jeune (cliquez ici) qui permet de soulager la quittance de loyer.