Courses by degree


Civil engineering - sustainable construction

Electrical engineering and industrial it

Industrial engineering and maintenance

Mechanical and production engineering

Hygiene, safety and environment


Physical measurements

Multimedia and internet-related jobs

Packaging and packing

Networks and telecommunications

Bachelor's degree

Applied foreign languages

Foreign and regional languages, literature and civilisations



Histoire - lettres classiques

Economic and social administration


Economics and management

Sanitary and social sciences

Human and Social Sciences Multidisciplinary Portal

Electronics, electrical energy, automation

Génie civil



Physics, chemistry

Life sciences

Earth and life sciences

Sciences and techniques of physical and sporting activities

Health sciences

Engineer sciences

Sciences and technologies (l3 only)

Professional Bachelor's degree

Legal activities: employment law jobs

Insurance, banking, finance: account manager

Insurance, banking, finance: operational support

Marketing of products and services

Management of social and solidarity economy organisations

Social intervention: social and professional integration and reintegration

Management of commercial activities

Management of organisations

Careers in management and accounting: taxation

Careers in hrm: training, skills and employment

Careers in the notary profession

Hosting, managing and organising physical and sporting activities

Analytical chemistry, control, quality, environment

E-commerce and digital marketing

Careers in communication: communication project manager

Careers in radiation protection and nuclear safety

Careers in electricity and energy

Careers in packaging and packing

Careers in industry: design of industrial products

Careers in industry: material forming design and processes

Careers in industry: management of industrial production

Careers in industry: mechatronics, robotics

Careers in it: web applications

Careers in it: software design, development and tests

Careers in instrumentation, measurement and quality control

Careers in it and telecommunications networks

Careers in building and public works: building and construction

Careers in building and public works: civil engineering and construction

Careers in building and public works: energy and environmental performance of buildings

Careers in the wood industry

Careers in the digital industry: web design, publication and development

Quality, hygiene, safety, health, environment

Master's degree

Accounting - control - auditing

Notarial law

Management of production, logistics, purchasing

International management and commerce

Engineering diploma / CMI

Les formations menant aux métiers de l'enseignement

health studies

Common first year of health studies

Sciences Médicale

Sciences Pharmaceutiques

Sciences Odontologiques

Sciences Maïeutiques


Des doctorats sont proposés dans tous les domaines de formation et de recherche de l'URCA.

Pour plus de renseignements :

Oenology national diploma

Autres diplômes / formations non diplômantes