Student life and campus contribution

Before enrolling at the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, undergraduate students must pay a student and campus life contribution (CVEC) to the CROUS.

The CVEC is a contribution intended to encourage the provision of social, health, cultural and sporting services for students and to support preventive and health education initiatives.

For more information on the CVEC, click on this link

This annual contribution will be €100 for all students.

Only 4 types of student are exempt from paying the contribution:

  • grant holders on social criteria (and grants paid by the regions for students in paramedical, health and social courses) or recipients of an annual allowance granted as part of specific annual aid schemes
  • students with refugee status
  • students benefiting from subsidiary protection
  • asylum seekers

The CVEC does not apply to:

  • continuing education trainees (when the training is paid for by an employer or a collecting body)
  • international exchange students in France (during a period of mobility in France during the academic year under an agreement between your home establishment and a higher education establishment in France).

Please note: Whatever your status, you must go to the CROUS website to obtain a CVEC code that will enable you to register at university.

  • This CVEC code will be issued on the certificate of payment of the CVEC for students OR on the certificate of payment by exemption from the CVEC for exempt students.

Obtaining the CVEC code


From May 2023 and before you register.


By clicking on the following link: obtain my CVEC code