Organization of the education


The LMD system & the ECTS

Within the framework of the European higher education system, French education is organized in almost all the faculties according to the following scheme: the bachelor's degree (fr. licence, A-level + 6 semesters), the master's degree (A-level + 10 semesters), and the doctorate (A-level + 16 semesters). Thanks to the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) all students - whether they are French or international - can easily understand and compare their degree programme to any other European degree programme.

The URCA approved a Charter of International Exchange Programs to assure the academic recognition of higher education programs, including results of exams taken at other European universities where partnerships have been established.

Types of classes

Teaching in the bachelor and master programmes is organized in the form of lectures (Cours Magistral or CM) and classwork (Travaux Dirigés or TD and Travaux Pratiques or TP ). The lectures are focused on theory. For the TD and TP classes, the students are divided into subgroups enabling them to study in-depth the subjects covered in the lecture classes (CM), as well as to hold a dialogue with the professor. You must register in a group in order to take part in these TD s and TP s. The students who attend the CM must also attend the TD s and TP s.