ROMEO Regional Computing Centre

Logo du centre de calcul ROMEO

The ROMEO Regional Computing Centre is a University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne technological platform which has been supported by the Conseil Régional since 2002.

Its role is to make high-performance computing resources, secure storage spaces, adapted software, assistance in the use of these tools as well as expertise in advanced scientific and technical fields (high-performance computing, applied mathematics, physics, biophysics and chemistry) available to industrialists and researchers in the region.

The ROMEO Regional Computing Centre website
The website brings together all the information, news, tutorials for users, reports on events organised by the computing centre, access arrangements, the ROMEO projects, the list of users, etc.

Photo du supercalculateur ROMEO

The ROMEO HPC center (151st in the TOP500, 5th in the Green500 when it was set up) is the most powerful hybrid supercomputer in France with 260 GPU accelerator cards (NVIDIA Tesla K20X). This supercomputer offers 254.9 TFlops (millions of billions of operations per second) with electrical consumption of 81.41 kW with specialised hardware and software architecture for High-Performance Computing. Funded with €2.5 million by the Conseil Régional de Champagne-Ardenne, Reims-Métropole, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the investment for the future programme. The supercomputer ROMEO is hosted by URCA, a member of the consortium of French computing mesocentres [A1] Equip@meso and the European Platform ETP4HPC.

[A1]je propose ici le terme ‘mesocentres’ qui peut être utilisé aussi en anglais (voir détails des réflexions sur le fichier word) et qui permet de voir aussitôt pourquoi la désignation Equip@meso