Joint PhDs

Joints PhDs - cotutelles de thèse

The procedure of joint PhD aims at installing and developing a scientific cooperation between the URCA's research teams and their foreign counterparts while favouring the doctorate students' mobility.

  • I must register in thesis in both institutions each and every year of the thesis,
  • I must carry out my research work under the shared responsibility of two thesis directors, each accredited to supervise research: one is attached to the URCA and the second one to the foreign partner establishment,
  • Research period: the preparation of my thesis will be alternatively split between the two institutions,
  • Unique thesis viva (voce): my thesis in joint guardianship will lead to a unique viva in the country of my own choosing. The country in which it takes place is determined at the beginning of the thesis,
  • Composition of the thesis examining board: the jury is equally composed by scientific representatives of both countries.
  • The used languages: I must draft my thesis in the language defined in the convention between the two contracting universities. Should this language not be French, I must add a substantial summary in French,
  • Degree(s): after the thesis viva, the contracting establishments issue:

>> either simultaneously their respective Doctor degree (two diplomas)
>> either one Doctor degree jointly issued (one diploma)

Note that certain establishments in the world cannot issue thesis degrees prepared in international joint guardianship.

A Joint PhD agreement must be established between the two institutions in accordance with the provisions of the Decree of 25 May 2016 of the French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research.

This agreement must be signed by the student, the two thesis directors, the two Presidents / Rectors of the two institutions. The President of the University of Reims Champagne – Ardenne signs this agreement only when the doctoral school concerned has given a favorable opinion on the thesis and Joint PhD.

Please contact the Office of International Affairs

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