Quality of education

The URCA is the only multi-disciplinary university in the region Champagne-Ardenne, more than 150 degrees are offered to the students. Within the framework of the European higher education system, French education is organized in almost all the faculties according to the following scheme: the bachelor's degree (fr. licence, A-level + 6 semesters), the master's degree (A-level + 10 semesters), and the doctorate (A-level + 16 semesters). Thanks to the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) all students - whether they are French or international - can easily understand and compare their degree programme to any other European degree programme.

The University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne has a long tradition of welcoming international students and opening up its courses and research to the world.
It currently welcomes around 3,000 students of 120 different nationalities and 800 new foreign entrants every year.
It has been awarded the [Welcome to France] label and is building targeted partnerships with nearly 250 universities around the world.
International policy became a strategic priority in the institution's project in 2008, and since then URCA has sought to develop a genuine international culture within its community.

Our 3-pronged international strategy

  • Strengthen our integration into cross-border and international networks to increase our attractiveness. URCA's ambition is to become a leading academic research centre in the fields of agro sciences, the environment, biotechnologies and bioeconomics. URCA also wants to develop a niche strategy of excellence in digital and engineering sciences, health and human and social sciences. This scientific policy is based on increased support for international research projects, thanks to the combined action of the projects unit and the creation of joint research support services for specific disciplines;

  • Providing our students with a broad international outlook through an ambitious and proactive foreign language learning policy and increased internships and academic mobility with university and private sector partners abroad. The globalisation of economic exchanges and the movement of people, goods and ideas are now a reality in our daily lives. Proficiency in one or more foreign languages and intercultural experience are therefore indisputable and essential assets on a CV, and can be decisive factors in professional recruitment. URCA aims to give its students the levers they need to enter the world of work and the keys to success.

  • Attract high-quality international students, doctoral candidates and lecturers through a dynamic policy of welcoming and integrating students and through a proactive policy of internationalising courses. URCA supports the creation of international partnership degrees (double degrees) and encourages the introduction of L, M and D courses taught in English.