Agrisciences, Environment, Biotechnologies and Bio-economy

A transdisciplinary approach is essential today to be able to address the socio-economic and scientific challenges raised by the agriculture of the 21st century: feeding humanity, reducing one's environmental footprint, taking part in the fight against climate change, adapting to them by making the agri-ecological transition and providing the raw materials adapted for energy or chemical uses, or materials by developing sustainable biorefinery strategies.

The simultaneous nature of these challenges requires profound changes from sectors involving economic, environmental and social performance. This is characterised by the search for new systems and economic models which can jointly integrate a requirement for competitiveness and a sustainable development dimension by:

Substituting raw materials of fossil origin with raw materials of renewable origin from agri-resources to develop products,
Finding new ways to re-use effluents and co-products of sectors.


Manager: Jean-Hugues Renault and Dominique Harakat


Manager: Rémi Helder


Manager: Damien Rioult