P3M multi-scale molecular modelling platform

The P3M multi-scale molecular modelling platform (i.e. ranging from the scale of the atom to the scale of the organ in living systems) makes it possible to understand and then predict the behaviour of complex systems.

These modelling activities make it possible to link the experimental activities in different fields and, using three-dimensional structures and their dynamics, to achieve specific characteristics which make it possible to access the structure/function-type relationships.

By way of illustration, in the field of health, this platform makes it possible to predict the behaviour of new therapeutic molecules with their target and thus accelerate the experimental development of new drugs.

Other applications are, for example, in molecular physics, the absorption of carbon dioxide in champagne with the study of the crystalline structure of materials and their defects for uses in electronics.

Through its applications in the field of health, this platform is recognised and is a stakeholder in the new French Institute of Bioinformatics which has just been accredited nationally as part of the Investment for the Future Programme.

Contact: Nicolas Belloy, P3M Project Manager, Tel.: (+33) 03 26 91 81 94