Along with teaching, research is one of the two main missions allotted to universities. As such, each university makes it a point of honour to have its scientific potential well-structured as well as to define the objectives it has to achieve

Overview on Research

In order to be efficient, a research politics requires appropriate structures and skills. The overview aims at introducing these. They are as many instruments helping implement decisions that condition the University’s life in terms of research.

Finding a lab

Research units are at the heart of the University research politics. With this menu, you can access the content of the different themes and know-how for each of them.

International and Scientific Relations

The International relations policy implemented by the University is materialised with various partnerships of different types that you can find here in more details.

Industrial and Commercial Activities Department (SAIC) / Relations with companies

Valuation relies on dedicated structures that are detailed here. It moreover gathers a certain amount of missions, detailed here as well.