Agroressources FERmentation Enzymes

Scientific manager: Caroline Rémond – UMR 614 FARE

Official start date: 01/02/2016 (3-year period)

Funders: Région Grand Est FEDER / Grand Reims

Chairholder: Caroline Rémond (PR)

The “AFERE” project is co-financed by the European Union. Europe is committed to Champagne-Ardenne with the FEDER. The project is financed to the tune of €90,000 by the FEDER

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Created in 2016, the AFERE (Agroressources FERmentation Enzymes) chair at URCA focuses its plant re-use research and innovation activities on various molecules of interest for applications in the cosmetics, chemical and energy sectors. The AFERE chair's ten or so researchers develop white biotechnology processes using microorganisms and enzymes isolated in nature to extract and transform the constituents of plants and in particular agricultural co-products (straws, brans, stalks, etc.) into high value-added molecules (anti-ageing molecules, antioxidants, detergents, etc.). The AFERE chair is attached to the UMR INRA FARE laboratory and is a member of CEBB.

Key words:

Lignocelluloses, white biotechnology, enzymes, liquid and solid fermentation, enzymatic fractionation, enzymatic functionalisation, agro-sourced surfactants, agro-sourced biologically active molecules

Industrial partnerships:


Main scientific collaborations:

Reims Institute of Molecular Chemistry, ABI-AgroParisTech Chair, CentraleSupélec white biotechnology Chair, Université Picardie Jules Verne, CRRBM Amiens, MICALIS Paris, LISBP Toulouse, INP Toulouse, AgroBioTech Gembloux - ULiège (BE), CIEMAT (SP)