Image Centre

The technological platform called "Image Centre" is a project initiated and led by the SIC group at CReSTIC. It involves bringing together as many scientific and technological clusters as possible with training and re-use activities through research for or by digital imaging.


  • funded as part of the Num3D technology platform of the ICOS focus for the current State-Region project contract as well as part of a Multi-Training Programme at URCA;
  • a virtual reality room installed at IUT in Reims and operational since the 1st quarter of 2009.


  • The deployment of technological resources required for the work of the local teams engaged in research involving, for example, scientific visualisation, simulation, real-time exploration of 3D virtual worlds and the digital processing of images;
  • The resolution of problems (for users or developers of these technologies) which have not been resolved because of a lack of resources or partners;
  • Establishing contact, on these themes, between different local, regional and even national players, whether they are institutional, industrial or students;
  • The reconciliation of national networks developing these technologies.


As regards science, several actions are currently under way with this platform. They are all part of the themes combining ICST with health, the environment and heritage or even more traditional sciences.

Current actions to date cover the following themes:

  • immersive visualisation and its life science functional microscopy applications,
  • analysis of medical imaging data masses,
  • evaluation of the deterioration to the states of ground surfaces,
  • dynamic simulation of the structural behaviour of biological macromolecules in interactions,
  • 3D scanning and virtual engineering,
  • management of imperfect spatio-temporal knowledge in geographical information systems.


The "Image Centre" has also joined a consortium of pre-eminent players in the field of 3D such as Dassault Systèmes, Institut Télécom, Loire Numérique and Cap Gemini, to mention just a few, in order to join the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL).

Since November 2008, following the ICT held in Lyon, this technical platform has been called Living Labs through a project entitled 3D Living Innovation. This application was led by "Fabrique du Futur". Finally, note that the "Image Centre" has publicised its existence nationally by joining the French Association of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and 3D Interaction (AFRV)[A1] , [EC2] itself a member of ASTI (Federation of French Information Science and Technology Associations).

The website brings together different information including a detailed description of the virtual reality room.