CellFlex4.0 platform

CellFlex4.0 is a training and research platform directly linked with the Future Factory and Industry 4.0 concepts.

It brings together a set of tools to simulate manufacturing systems (ITS PLC, Factory I/O) and virtual homes (Home I/O), a flexible workshop (CellFlex) and a Renewable Multi-Energy Platform (PFMER).

The educational objective of this project is to train students on the latest automation and supervision technologies while integrating eco-automation concepts.
The solutions offered on this system are innovative and use the latest technologies offered by hardware and software solutions providers.

The system also makes it possible to use the knowledge acquired during theoretical training on a concrete and realistic application in relation to the problems encountered in companies concerning automation, production management, and packaging and conditioning mechanisms.

This project comes from a desire to promote professional integration in University of Reims Champagne Ardenne (URCA) training courses.

The system is made available to all courses at the University of Reims Champagne Ardenne (records for courses leading to qualifications).
The units that can use this system are:

  • the EEA department in the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences
  • the IT, packaging and conditioning engineering, industrial engineering and maintenance departments at the IUT in Reims, Châlons and Charleville.
  • the ESIReims engineering school
  • the IFTS unit in Charleville
  • the ITBTP unit at CNAM in Reims
  • and many others