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The BioSpecT unit (Translational BioSpectroscopy) develops its research in the field of spectroscopy and vibrational spectro-imaging at the cellular, tissue or biofluid level with the aim of developing and implementing diagnostic and prognostic tools that are routinely applicable in human clinical.



- Angiboust Jean François (MCU-HDR) / Spectroscopy Biostatistics
- Beljebbar Abdellilah (MCU-HDR) / Spectroscopy Data processing
- Bouché Olivier (PU-PH) / Digestive oncology
- Buache Emilie (MCU) / Molecular biology
- Collin Guillaume (MCU) / Molecular biology
- Courageot Marie Pierre (MCU) / Cellular biology
- Dukic Sylvain (PU) / Pharmacology
- Garnotel Roselyne (MCU-PH) / Biologie pédiatrique
- Gobinet Cyril (MCU) / Biostatistics Data processing
- Jouet Damien (MCU-HDR) / Biochemistry
- Larré Stéphane (PU-PH) / Urology
- Marchal Aude (PU-PH) /Pathology
- Morjani Hamid (PU) / Molecular biology Biochemistry
- Madoulet Claudie (PU) / Biochemistry
- Piot Olivier (PU) / Spectroscopy
- Slimano Florian (AHU) / Pharmacology
- Sockalingum Ganesh (PU) / Spectroscopy
- Thiefin Gérard (PU-PH) / Hepato-gastroenterology
- Toubas Dominique (MCU-PH-HDR) / Mycology
- Vuiblet Vincent (MCU-PH-HDR) / Nephrology, Pathology


- Charpentier Céline (Technical staff)
- Van Gulick Laurence (Technical staff)
- Perron Brigitte (Secretary)

Key words

- Raman and infrared spectral imaging
- Analysis of samples at cellular, tissue, in vivo scales and biofluids
- Vibrational signal chemometrics: interference correction, multivariate statistical classification, construction of prediction models
- Diagnosis of tumoral pathologies (liver, bile ducts, breast, colon, kidney, bladder, lung)
- Diagnosis and evaluation of the complications of chronic metabolic diseases (diabetes, liver cirrhosis, chronic renal failure)
- Characterization of skin aging
- Identification and typing of micro-organisms

Research topics

- Identification of spectroscopic biomarkers, indicators of pathological changes
- Biophotonic and molecular analysis of cell / microenvironment interactions


- Acquisition (in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo) and chemometrics of vibrational signals (Raman scattering and infrared absorption)
- Cellular and molecular biology, Three dimensional matrix models, Animal experimentation
- Validation of biomarkers in the clinical translational context



UMR 7338 BMBI (Compiègne), LPCM EA 4667 (Amiens), UMR CNRS 8612 Galien Institute (Paris), UMR CNRS 8203 (IGR, Villejuif), Fresnel Institute (Marseille), INSERM U1053 BaRITOn (Bordeaux), EA 3430 (Strasbourg), SMIS Light Line (SOLEIL Synchrotron, St Aubin)


MIRIAM beamline (DIAMOND Synchrotron, Oxfordshire), GIGA (Liege), University of Central Lancashire (Preston, UK), University of Strathclyde (Glasgow), University of Manchester, Keele University (Keele, GB), Dublin Institute of Technology, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (Ås, Norway), University of Sao Paulo, Orel State University (Russia), Luxembourg Institute of Health, King's College (London), Faculty of Chemistry, Raman Imaging Group (Jagiellonian University, Poland )

Hospital partnerships:

Reims University Hospital (Nephrology, Hepatogastroenterology, Biopathology, Urology), Caen Teaching Hospital, Namur, Tenon Teaching Hospital (AP-HP)


Galderma, BASF, Horiba Scientific, TRIBVN SAS, Nikon, L'Oreal, Silab, Syslei, Naos, Berkem, Soliance-Givaudan ...


G THIÉFIN, SOCKALINGUM GD, SCAGLIA E, SCHMITT J, MANFAIT M. Serum infrared spectroscopy for non invasive assessment of hepatic fibrosis in patients with chronic liver disease. European patent N° 10757603.5 – 1234 PCT/EP2010064178, Applicant: Université de Reims Champagne, 30/03/2011

JP ORTONNE, M MANFAIT, O PIOT, E LY-MORIN, N CADOT-LECCIA. Infrared imaging of cutaneous melanoma. WO/2011/009931 et US20120123275, Applicant: Galderma Research & Development 27/01/2011et 17/05/2012

V VUIBLET, P RIEU, O PIOT, M FERE, C GOBINET. Automated quantification of fibrosis by infrared spectroscopy. European patent N° 9S176BTFR6 /1457323. Applicant: Université de Reims Champagne Ardenne. 01/08/2014


- Spontaneous Raman microspectrometers
- Coherent Raman micro-imaging
- Infrared imaging
- Infrared high-speed module
- Equipment of biology (centrifuge, cell counter, phase contrast microscopes, incubator ...)


We are integrated in European scientific networks, COST Raman4Clinics and CLIRSPEC, favoring the exchange of researchers. We also participate in several national networks: Canceropôle Grand Est, ITMO Aviesan Technologies for Health, GDR 2588 Microscopy and Imaging of the Living, GDR 3711 Cosm'Actifs, French Group of Vibrational Spectroscopy (GFSV), SF2IC.

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