Immune dysregulation and tissue remodelling in cancer, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases (IRMAIC) - UR 7509


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Pr. Potteaux Stephane, Director

Pôle Santé URCA, Bâtiment Recherche,
51 rue Cognacq-Jay
51095 Reims Cedex


Traore Marie
Tel : 02 26 91 85 51

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Our objective is to better understand the interplay between the cytokines of the IL-17 axis and other components involved in tissue remodelling in inflammatory (COPD), autoimmune (Bullous pemphigoid, scleroderma) diseases progression and in breast cancer outcome. The final aim is to translate this coordinated research between each sub-group into novel therapeutic proposals.


16 professors/associate professors/clinicians/research fellows, 4 technical fellows (2 from URCA), 1 Post-doctoral Fellow and 7 PhD students

Key words

Immune regulation, Cytokines, Bullous Pemphigoid, Scléroderma, COPD, breast cancer

Research topics

Influence of the inflammatory response in the immune and non-immune cell response of the host: role of the cytokines associated with the IL-17 pathway.


  • Translational research in connection with the Rare Diseases Reference Centre " Autoimmune Bullous Diseases" located in the Dermatology Department of the Reims University Hospital, the Pathology laboratory of the Jean Godinot Institute and the Department of Respiratory Diseases of the CHU R Debré.
  • Technical skills: Flow cytometry and cell sorting, immunological profiling by PCR-Array, BP model of cellular trans-differentiation from blood to skin lesion, murine models of pulmonary inflammation, molecular modelling.


  • Cell culture labs
  • Histopathology and molecular biology equipment
  • Autoclave


  • Utilisation des peptides dérivés de l’élastolyse dans la protection et la régénération du parodonte
  • Antagonist peptides of the elastin receptor
  • Methods and pohamaceuticlas compositions for enhancing NK cell killing activities
  • Combinations therapies for the treatment of cancer



Janssen-Cilag (ongoing contract)


  • Reims: Reims university hospital (Departments of dermatology, respiratory diseases, internal medicine and immunology-biology); Jean Godinot Institute; Rare Diseases Reference Center " Malibul, INSERM UMR-S 125
  • Paris: INSERM UMR976 Unit, Saint-Louis Hospital; (Dr Bensoussan A) ; Unité UMR_S1016 - UMR8104, ICGM (Pr Batteux F) ; Unité ("IABV") Institut Pasteur (Dr Gougeon ML)
  • Lille: INSERM Unit U995 (Pr D. Betbeder, Nanomedicine groupe, Lille International)
  • Toulouse : INSERM U1043 (Dr Zazilleau N)
  • Europe: Lübeck Institute of Experimental Dermatology, University of Lübeck, Germany
  • USA: Division of pulmonary and critical care medicine, St Louis, USA (Pr Richard Pierce)


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