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Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches sur les Emplois et les Professionnalisations (CEREP, EA 4692) brings together researchers working on professionalization with scientific concepts from the human and social sciences (education and training sciences, subject didactics, sociology, information and communication sciences). CEREP, created in 2012, has a long history of multidisciplinary collaboration.

Its vocation is to develop multidisciplinary research on professionalization processes in the fields of education, training, work and employment.

Cerep is organized into three teams, each with its own epistemological, methodological and disciplinary specificity. Each team is autonomous but is also part of Cerep's collective project to examine professionalization.

The three teams of the Cerep laboratory:

  • Didactics of Disciplines, Professional Development, Educational Forms.
  • Sociology ok work. Forms of employment and professional groups.
  • Knowledge Learning in Training Educatio, Mediation and Mediatization.

Scientific field

Humanities and Social Sciences


74 members :

  • 34 full members (6 PU, 2 HDR, 28 MCF)
  • 22 PhD students
  • administrative research support staff


  • Soft skills
  • Work
  • Training
  • Career paths
  • Didactics
  • Activity analysis
  • Professional groups

Research themes

In the study of professionalisation, each of the three teams positions itself according to its areas of study and the concepts it uses. Researchers from the three teams work together on cross-disciplinary research programmes, which provide a wide range of approaches to the professionalisation process.

These approaches to professionalisation involve looking at the individual project, forms of education and professional development, which are mobilizing concepts; and at changes in work, and more specifically at the processes of (de)professionalisation of certain activities, professions and professional groups, considering them as structured, protean and shifting configurations.


  • Interventions in research/action/training
  • Evaluative surveys
  • Expertise in didactics and modelling
  • Analysis of activities, practices and reflexivity
  • Definition of professional groups and design of skills repositories
  • Design of training, professionalisation and apprenticeship systems


  • Computer equipment
  • Audio and video
  • Data processing and analysis software
  • Specialised documentation


Cerep works in partnership with local and national public institutions and other university research laboratories.

Specific features

The specificity of the laboratory is that it works on the issue of professionalisation processes in relation to the three teams.


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