A new H2020 project on artificial intelligence at URCA!

Published on 25 March 2019

The H2020 AI4DI project (Artificial Intelligence for Digital Industry) coordinated by Germany and bringing together 41 partners (including the CReSTIC research units, the ROMEO Regional Computing Centre and RIBP at URCA) aims to meet the major technological challenge of industrially implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning to roll out these advanced technologies in sectors such as manufacturing, transportation, security or agriculture. The work will be based on several practical examples which make it possible to demonstrate possible uses in everyday life. Two practical examples will be rolled out in France related to the manufacture of semiconductor components and the development of Champagne.

As France is one of the key players on the project for its practical examples, Reims has been chosen for the official launch of the AI4DI project which will bring together the 41 project partners on 20 and 21 May.

More information:

François Alin
Arnaud Renard
Mickaël Krajecki
Christophe Clément
Nathalie Gaveau