Hype 13, a hybridisation toolbox for teachers

Published on 02 December 2021

Do you want to host a forum with your students, use interactive tools for your lessons or familiarise yourself with the syllabus? Go to the Toolbox (BAO)!

Developed as part of a consortium of 12 universities, Hype 13 offers you self-training modules on the Tours Moodle platform accessible by self-registration for all universities in the consortium from 30 November 2021.

Intended primarily for teachers and teacher-researchers, the content of the modules may also be of interest to other stakeholders in the educational community.

The toolbox (BAO) will host nearly fifteen modules, 8 of which are already available:

  • Run a forum
  • Remote tutoring
  • Run a virtual classroom
  • Create accessible lessons
  • Use interactive voting
  • Getting started with the syllabus
  • Use a collaborative writing tool
  • Use a Wiki

Come and discover the BAO ASAP!

The HyPE-13 project, winner of the "Hybridisation of higher education training" call for projects as part of the Future Investment Programme (PIA) of the National Research Agency (ANR) aims to support the success of teachers and students in the practice of new techno-pedagogical systems.”