New maintenance 4.0 training at EiSINe opens at the start of the 2020 academic year

Published on 31 March 2020

At the start of the 2020 academic year, the EISINE (Industrial and Digital Sciences Engineering School) at the URCA, in partnership with the Institute of Industrial Engineering Techniques of Champagne-Ardenne, will open a new work-study engineering specialism: "MECHANICS AND INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING: maintenance 4.0”.

This specialism, based at the Moulin de la Housse campus in Reims, will be based on feedback from 28 years of training in mechanical engineering (maintenance option) at the ITII Champagne-Ardenne.

The objective of the Mechanics and Industrial Engineering specialism is to train operational, multidisciplinary engineers, who can manage, modernise, and make reliable industrial complex systems by providing innovative technological solutions in mechanics, automation and robotics, instrumentation and connected objects.

It meets high demand from manufacturers to support them in the transformation towards the industry 4.0 of engineers specialised in maintenance. All sectors of activity are concerned, from the food industry to the wine sector, from metallurgy to the automobile sector and its parts manufacturers, from paper manufacturers and the processing of mineral products to pharmaceuticals, and from aeronautics to service providers.

There are many opportunities, such as maintenance engineer, maintenance and new work manager, project manager, methods-scheduling-planning engineer, reliability engineer, production line integration engineer, support and maintenance specialist, process and methods engineer, etc.

This work-study training (15 days in school, 15 days in the company) has many advantages:

  • Training recognised by industrialists (network of industrial partners of the ITII maintenance option for 28 years in the Champagne Ardenne region)
  • Free and paid training
  • Engineering qualification (5 years of higher education post baccalauréat) recognised by the Commission for engineering qualifications
  • Recognition of professional experience with management of projects in companies and acquisition of management skills
  • Advantage of employee status
  • International outlook with a minimum internship period of 3 months abroad

For the new academic year, the EISINE is recruiting students with 2 years of higher education post-baccalauréat or employees with the same level of education and at least 4 years of industrial experience. Go to the website

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