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Our students take action to help orphans in Madagascar

Célestine FOURGEAUX, Karla MASCRET, Camille BZAR, Philomène CHOUABE and Nicolas FONTIMPE, students at the Medicine UFR (research and training unit) of the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, are aiding orphans in Madagascar with the Solidarité Internationale Reims-Madagascar society, associated with the Corporation of Medical Students of Reims (CEMR) and linked to Aina, which has been working for 17 years to improve the well-being of young Malagasies aged 0 to 18, as well as young mothers in need of care.

The project involves collecting funds to finance the initiatives to be conducted in the field, such as: healthcare, oral and dental care, and sexual health prevention, as well as the supply of farming, pharmaceutical and educational material, and a zebu – a dairy animal whose produce is bartered for rice, an essential foodstuff in the Madagascan diet.

In the field, volunteers are also keen to involve youth-club children in sports and manual projects. In addition, the volunteer team focuses its efforts on mutualised crèches, allowing young mothers to assume greater responsibility in terms of food, money and education for their children.

With the help of its 5 students, the orphanage also has a learning centre to provide young mothers with financial independence and educate their children to improve their prospects.

To subsidise all these initiatives and assist as many people as possible, the team of volunteers organises fundraising with cake sales, student nights, partnerships with companies, and so on.

The University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne congratulates its students for their commitment, which it shares.

Below are downloadable donation forms.

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