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The Hype 13 project prepares its report

Including 19 deliverables scheduled over a period of 2 years, the Hype 13 project has developed many operational tools and resources, and encouraged the improvement of educational practice at the URCA.

Find all the tools and resources on the URCA Hype 13 mini-site at:

Among them are:

  • the toolbox
  • a Hypxeo teaching-resource database
  • educational masks (developed by the URCA), as well as a teaser presenting the system
  • learning-analytics tutorial videos
  • the Fenêtre sur Cours (Window on Lessons) system
  • the guide to group work
  • the charter for copyright compliance
  • webinars on fraud and plagiarism, and online assessment
  • the GDPR charter of good practice
  • a body to monitor developments in teaching

Discover news of the mini-site and an audio recording of the day of reporting on the URCA’s work on this project

We would remind you that the Department of Digital Technologies and our teaching engineers can be contacted for all your needs for assistance in using these resources.