Two lots of financing for one project - CEREP

Published on 12 January 2021

Launched in February 2020 by the IReSP (Public Health Research Institute), the "Autonomy: elderly people and people with disabilities" research programme funded by the CNSA (Independent-Living Support Fund) included, in particular, a so-called 'open' generic call for proposals. The results were announced in mid-December.

In this context, the project 'Configurations of Assistance and Employment Situations for Caregivers. The case of children affected by rare diseases with intellectual disabilities' was selected. It is led by Aurore PELISSIER, economist at the Laboratoire d'Economie de Dijon and includes, in particular, Marc FOURDRIGNIER, sociologist at CEREP, University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne.

A second source of funding was obtained within the framework of the Human and Social Sciences call for proposals of the Foundation for Rare Diseases.

Contacts: Marc Fourdrignier,

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