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URCA participation at the 6th FAIR OF STUDY IN FRANCE, Brussels, Belgium

The University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne was present at the 6th Campus France Fair in Belgium on Saturday 26 November 2022, together with 60 French higher-education establishments (universities, specialised grandes écoles, preparatory classes, higher institutes of learning).

The event was also organised in partnership with the France-Belgium Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and was held at the Lycée Français Jean Monnet high school (Avenue du lycée français 9, 1180 Brussels).

One of the strong points of the URCA’s international strategy is its integration within cross-border and international networks to increase its appeal. The aim of the establishment’s participation was to meet Belgian students and encourage them to enrol at our university for their higher studies.

More than 900 participants from French high schools, Belgian and European establishments, and Belgian universities were expected. The fair was open to French higher-education institutions in every field: arts and design, engineering, human and social sciences, political science, commerce, management, communication and the hotel industry.

The URCA was notably represented by members of the Department of External Relations and International Development (DREDI) and the Campus of Occupations and Qualifications of Excellence, BioEco Academy, who ran an information stand and held a conference on “learning and occupations of the future”, particularly related to the theme of Environmental Occupations – Sustainable Agriculture & Agritech.

So Belgian students were able to meet representatives of establishments and professionals with environmental and biodiversity issues at the core of their teaching and activities, especially in terms of sustainable farming and agri-technology.