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UFR Sciences Exactes et Naturelles
Moulin de la Housse
BP 1039, 51687 REIMS Cedex 2
Téléphone : +33 03 26 91 34 19

Chef des Services Administratifs :
Nathalie Edouard +33 03 26 91 33 73


A huge need for scientists from 2012 onwards.
The Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences provides scientific training courses in various domains (mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer sciences, electronics, biochemistry, biology, automation, statistics….) at all levels (technician, engineer ...) thus offering vocational outlets for all graduates industry, research laboratories or teaching. The quality of research is essential for all these training courses. Vocational missions (often over 4 months) performed by our students in industrial or research environments enable them to get a grasp of the professional world.

Scientific training will supply most of the vocational outlets in the coming years. All the forecasts show that, from 2012 onwards, requirements will be high in the Sciences and Technologies domain. These opportunities must be now grasped by the students concerned about their professional future.

Missions of the department:

  • Training
    • Multidisciplinary training to A levels +3, +5 or +8, according to LMD (bamaphd) system
    • Vocational training: BA (Licence), vocational BA, vocational MA
    • Teacher training courses for primary and secondary education
    • Research training: Research MA
    • Check out:, scolarité page, thumbnail programme des enseignements
  • International relations: ERASMUS opportunities
  • Research: 12 laboratories distributed in 4 units
  • Agrosciences Unit, Universe and Environnement Sciences

? URVVC: Research Unit on Vines and Champagne Wines - Stress and Environment – EA 2069
? FARE: Fractionation of Agroresources – INRA UMR-A 614
? GSMA: Molecular and Atmospheric Spectrometry Group – CNRS UMR 6089
? GEGENAA: Study Group on Geomaterials Natural, Anthropic and Archeological Environments - EA 3795 Chemistry and Sciences for Engineers
? ICMR: Molecular Chemistry Institute of Reims – CNRS UMR 6229
? GRESPI: Research Group in Engineering Sciences – EA 4301
? LACM-DTI: Mechanical Stress and Themal Transfer Dynamics Analysis Laboratory - EA4302 Mathematics, STIC, Nanotechnologies
? CReSTIC: STIC Research Centre - EA 3804
? EDPPM : Equations with Partial Derivatives and Mathematical Physics - FRE 3111 Life and Health Sciences
? LMEA: Analytic Electron Microscopy Laboratory, part of INSERM UMR_S 926 Unit
? SiRMa: Matricial Receptor and Signalisation Laboratory, part of CNRS UMR 6237 Unit
? LMEN: Microscopy and Study of Nanostructures Laboratory, EA 3799

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