Study Group on Natural, Anthropogenic and Archaeological Environments and Geomaterials (GEGENA) - UR 3795


Directeur Phone 03 26 77 36 87
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Centre de recherche en environnement et agronomie
2, esplanade Roland Garros
51100 Reims France

Pr. Gilles Fronteau
Phone: (33) 3 26 77 36 87


Team presentation

The EA 3795 GEGENAA was created ex-nihilo in 2004, reassessed in 2008 with a modification of its contours (addition of Archaeology), then renewed in 2012 and 2017. In 2012 the GEGENAA is a founding member of the SFR Condorcet (FR CNRS n ° 3417) which we co-animate axis 1 "Production of Biomass and Environment". In the same way, we are members of the Georges Chappaz Institute of Vine and Wine in Champagne since its creation in 2015 and benefit from a research agreement with INRAP since 2012. We integrate in 2018 the SFR Cap SANTE in its Health / Environment axis. Resolutely transdisciplinary, the EA 3795 GEGENAA covers the scientific fields that concern the impacts of man and society on the components of their environments: water, soil, surface and geomaterials.


Academic, technical and administrative staff: 22 (4 full professors 3 Associate Professor HDR 9 Associate Professor)
PhD students: 8

Key words

Archeometry; biomineralisation; cathodoluminescence; environment; geochemistry; hydrogeology; physical geography; geomaterials; geomorphology; pedology; petrology; natural hazards; earth sciences; sedimentology

Research topics

  • Study of geo-materials, properties, alteration, remediation
  • Recording environmental modifications in carbonates
  • Studies of water and pollutants vertical and horizontal transfers
  • Natural hazards, landslides…
  • Cartography


  • Analysis of geo-materials
  • Cathodoluminescence
  • Properties and origins of tested materials
  • Pollutant transfer mechanism modeling
  • Fabrication of thin rock slices
  • Cartography





  • Optical cathodoluminescence and image analysis
  • Laboratory for the production of thin rock slices
  • High-pressure micro-wave for mineralization
  • Wind system for the measurement of soil hydrodynamic properties (hydraulic conductivity)


  • International reference expertise in cathodoluminescence and origin of white marble
  • Expertise in properties and alteration of geo-materials
  • Fluid transfers in soils and sub soils.
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