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CRIEG - EA 6292
UFR Sciences Economiques et de Gestion
57 bis rue Pierre TAITTINGER
51096 REIMS Cedex

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Personnel : 56 (3 Research Professors, 1 Research Director, 7 lecturers HDR, 24 lecturers, 3 Doctors, 16 PhD students, 1 Technical and 1 Admin staff).

Key Words
Institution – Law Economy - Patrimony - Taste – Social Economy - Agro-industry.

Research subjects
URCA’s OMI research centre gathers about fifty economy researchers in order to lead theoretical and empirical research studies focused around the analysis of the dynamics of institutions and regulation patterns. Respectful of methodological diversity, it employs analytical instruments used by various institutions in order to clarify the contemporary, local, regional, national or worldwide challenges of their evolutions. It is supported by the Ministry of National Education, the Champagne-Ardenne Region and the City of Reims. The work is organised around a double structure:

Line 1: Economy of Law, rules and institutions
Line 2: Patrimony, territories, tastes

Law economy library, with essential works and main journals published since 1990.

Regular organisation of workshops and research seminars, study days and international symposiums, with publication of reports.

Research contracts

  • GU&RMSE (Gouvernement des universités et relations avec les milieux socio-économiques) - Contract with the City of Reims – Project leaders: Martino Nieddu (OMI) and Robi Morder (Research Engineer, project manager).
  • «disassembly-recycling»: which opportunities for Champagne-Ardenne? - Contract with the CESR financed by the é Champagne-Ardenne Region – Contract manager: Marie Delaplace.
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